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Taxation advice from an expert will reduce your stress level, and could reduce your tax bill as well. Phillip Corbin advises on business and personal tax matters with careful attention to detail, remaining abreast of current changes in taxation rules and adapting to the ever-changing financial climate.

Phillip Corbin + Associates has a strong focus upon ethical trading and serving communities or community groups, providing private advice and assistance to many charitable and ethical trading groups such as Fair Trade.

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Most companies are quite happy with their accountancy, audit and tax arrangements.

Sometimes, though, a specialist eye can see things from a new perspective.

Importantly we don’t set out to disrupt existing arrangements, just to cast a fresh light on things.

Personal Tax

It’s perhaps not surprising – given the complexity of the tax system – that more and more people are faced with confused circumstances and complicated returns.

Some of the people who might benefit from informed tax advice are medical professionals, rental property owners,  pensioners, and the self-employed.

We also offer advisory services on income planning for pensioners, where there are income gains, and for executives with incomes approaching £100k and over.

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