HMRC Envelopes

Are you one of those people whose heart rate increases at the sight of a simple brown envelope bearing the HMRC logo?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For many people it’s the most stressful post they receive. What does it contain? A reminder or a demand? Notification of a rebate or warning of an investigation?

When the contents live up to your worst expectations, remember that Phillip Corbin is here to take the trouble out of tax. Just pick up the phone and talk it through with someone who can put your worst fears to rest, handle that letter for you, and ensure you get the very best outcome with the least amount of worry.

Any kind of dispute or verification process with Inland Revenue or VAT officers can take time and energy that you really need to devote to your business, so you need someone on your side who is both reliable and positive, working to reduce the length of time it will take to achieve a satisfactory resolution. A shortened process also costs less, so it’s worth getting Phillip Corbin involved quickly to avoid any pitfalls that could increase liabilities.

If you’ve already started the process, don’t panic. Just get in touch and let Phillip Corbin take the trouble out of your Tax problem.