Owner Managed

From one year end to the next

No matter whether you are a company, partnership or a sole trader the issues you face are similar – how to provide a reasonable balance between business and personal income and only pay the tax you ought to.

Have you found that many accountants are unsure what to do, now that the audit fee has disappeared? They don’t know whether to be bookkeepers or business advisers, or a strange mixture of both.

With all the bookkeeping software on the market, you can often handle the day-to-day accountancy – but at year end, you could still really do with someone knowledgeable to check over your accounts.

We specialise in just this type of ‘year-end’ accountancy – happy to sort out your annual or statutory accounts and calculate your business taxes.

Obviously if you do need guidance on bookkeeping, accountancy issues or want business advice, we will be happy to go through your requirements with you.


For a no-charge introductory meeting – to see how we can use our experience to help free you to get on with actually running your company – call us now on 0845 226 6962, or email info@phillipcorbin.co.uk